Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum capacity for wedding and events at St. Boniface Golf Club?

A: We can hold up to 250 people in the Pattison Atrium.

Q: What size are the tables in the banquet hall and how many guests fit at a table?

A: The tables are 5-foot round tables and can fit a maximum of 8 people. We would be happy to bring in 10 person tables, however there would be an additional charge.

Q: How much is the initial deposit?

A: For weddings or events with a reception, we require a $1500.00 deposit to secure your date, and for ceremony only we require a $100.00 deposit.

Q: What is St. Boniface Golf Club’s payment schedule?

A: $1500 is due 6 months prior to the wedding date. The balance must be paid in full 7 days prior to the wedding.

Q: When do we need to finalize details for our wedding?

A: All details - such as linen colors, dinner options, rentals, vendors, etc. – will be finalized at your 8-week final meeting. There is no need to contact us prior to this meeting to confirm anything. If you have any questions in regards to planning these details, feel free to contact us. 

Q: When can I have access to the room to decorate?

A: For indoor weddings and ceremonies, you will have access to the rooms at 9:00 am the day of your wedding. For outdoor ceremonies, you will have access to the site 2 hours prior to your ceremony. Given the high demand of our beautiful facility, access to the room is limited to the day of your booking due to a high volume of events year-round. 

Q: Are we allowed to bring in any outside food?

A: For health, safety and liability reasons, we do not allow any outside food to be brought in with the exception of a wedding cake or cupcakes.

Q: Can we take photos on the golf course? Is there a charge?

A: Yes, you may take photos on the golf course: on the west side of the river, we have an outdoor area where you can take photos with your wedding party. On-course photography is limited to the bride, groom and photographers and must be escorted by St. Boniface Golf Club management. There is no charge for either of these options if you have booked your reception with us.

Q: When do we have to leave at the end of the night?

A: The bar will close and the DJ will stop playing music at 1:00 am. All guests must leave the facility by 1:30 am or additional fees will apply.

Q: Are you wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes, we are fully wheelchair accessible: we have multiple handicap parking stalls near the main entrance, we have an elevator that goes to the second and all of our bathrooms on both levels are wheelchair accessible.

Q: Do we get to try the food before our wedding date?

A: Yes, once you book with us, you are invited to one of the tastings. The tasting is limited to two people and there is no charge.

Q: Is there a smoking area?

A: Yes, we have a patio on the second floor (adjacent to the banquet room) that your guests are welcome to use. 

Q: How big is the dance floor? Can it be moved?

A: The dance floor is approximately 18.5 x 22 feet. The dance floor is permanently placed and cannot be moved.

Q: Can I leave anything (decorations, centrepieces, etc.) at the golf club to be picked up the day after the event?

A: Small items may be left until the next day but this must be approved by the Wedding and Event Manager.

Q: Do you charge a cake cutting/plating fee?

A: No, as a special gift to you, we are happy to offer you this service at no charge.

Q: Is there a place to safely store presentation envelopes and/or gifts during the reception?

A: Yes, we can lock them up for you and retrieve them at the end of the night.

Q: Can we have a choice of two options for the plated meal?

A: Yes, you may offer your guests two choices. You will need to know exactly how many of each item is needed when you give your final confirmed numbers. Also, each guest will have to have a place card with something denoting their food choice, i.e. a coloured dot or ribbon.

Q: Can you accommodate allergies and/or food preference?

A: Yes, we can accommodate any type of food allergy or preference, i.e. vegetarians, vegans, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc. We will need to know exactly the preference or allergy and where they are sitting. This information will be needed when you give your final confirmed numbers.

Q: Will St. Boniface Golf Club put out our centerpieces or guest favors?

A: Yes, if you are doing an all inclusive package, we would be happy to do this for you at no additional charge.

Q: Can we use tape or tacks to hang things on walls?

A: No, these supplies can damage our walls. The only thing you may use is mac-tac or painters tape.

Q: Do you provide any linens?

A: Yes, our inclusive packages include tablecloths, napkins and chair covers.

Q: Do you have any décor we can use?

A: Yes, as part of our wedding gift to you, we offer 10-inch round or 12 inch square mirrors and tea lights in glass holders as a base for your centerpieces. We have table numbers and stands that are available for you to use at no cost. The head table, guest book table and cake table will be skirting at no charge. 

Q: What is included in the ceremony price?

A: The cost of the ceremony includes set up and take down of all the chairs, a portable sound system that is iPod compatible, a microphone for your officiant and a signing table.

Q: Can we decorate the pergolas at the outdoor ceremony site?

A: Yes, you are welcome to decorate the pergolas as you wish, as long as it is not permanent and removed the same day. You will have access to the site for decorating two (2) hours prior to your ceremony.

Q: Is there a power source at the outdoor ceremony site?

A: No, there is no power source at the outdoor ceremony site.

Q: If we have musicians coming, should they bring their own speakers?

A: Yes. We do have one ¼ inch jack on our portable sound system that they can plug into, but other than that they will need to bring their own speakers (please remember there is no external power source at the outdoor ceremony site).

Q: Can we have a rehearsal at the ceremony site?

A: Yes, you can book a 1-hour rehearsal time in the few days prior to your wedding, depending on availability. There is no charge for this, therefore the rehearsal will not be staffed.

Q: What happens if we plan an outdoor ceremony and it rains?

A: In case of inclement weather, the decision to move the ceremony inside must be made no later than three (3) hours prior to the ceremony. There is no indoor back up location if you are only booking the outdoor ceremony site.

Q: Is there a space we can use for the bridal party in between the ceremony and reception?

A: Yes, you may use the men’s and ladies change rooms; both have ample space and sitting areas for your bridal party.