Wedding Party Gift Ideas


Need some inspiration on how to show your wedding party your appreciation?

August 16, 2017

Looking for some inspiration on what to buy your bridesmaids and groomsmen as a wedding party gift for all of their help with your special day? Look no further than this great blog!

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First you need to decide if you want to purchase a practical gift, or a fun/memorable keep sake gift. You also need to decide your budget per person and stick to that amount. If you have a wedding party with 3 people, you will likely be spending more per person than if you had a wedding party with 14 people.

Above Photo Credit: Sugar and Soul Photography

Practical Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids:

1) Pay for a portion (or all) of their bridesmaids dress.
2) Pay for a portion (or all) of their wedding day hair or make up.
3) Take the girls out for a spa day, and treat them to a mani-pedi. They will probably be looking for a reason to do this before the wedding anyways!

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Practical Gifts for Groomsmen:

1) Pay for their suit rental (or a portion of it)
2) Treat the boys to a day at the barber- get their beards and mustaches trimmed, or get their hair cut. This is a great way to ensure that they will all be looking in tip-top shape prior to the wedding day!

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Fun Bridesmaids Ideas:

1) Matching shawls or scarfs if you are having a winter/fall wedding
2) Emergency kit clutches (include everything they may need for the wedding day- bandaids, bobby pins, lip stain)
3) Matching wine glasses or coffee cups (Consider writing "bride squad" on each one)

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Fun Groomsmen Gifts:

1) Cigars
2) Flasks with their favorite type of liquor
3) Jewelry (Watches, pocket watches)

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Not into gifts, but prefer gifting an experience? Consider taking your wedding party to a spa to spend time together and relax. If you are more of an outgoing crowd, consider Rumor's Comedy Club or a sporting event.

Above Photo Credit: Sugar and Soul Photography

No matter what you do on your wedding day, your wedding party is standing up next to you to support you. The gift is a bonus, they probably just enjoy spending the time with you as you become Mr and Mrs!

All the best planning your special days!
-Tricia Bachewich