A Marriage Commissioner? Why?


Why I became a marriage commissioner with the Province of Manitoba.

August 4, 2017

People always ask me, why would you want to be a marriage commissioner? Up on the blog this week, a bit of a personal post! 

I've been working at the golf course for the past 16 years. Over that time, I have seen pretty much everything. There are always little emergencies that pop up on the wedding day, a bridal gown that looses a button, a red wine stain on a white dress. You name it, I've seen it. I will never forget the day that we were set and ready for a wedding ceremony, the bride was so happy and eager to get married. The officiant never showed up. It broke my heart to see the disappointment in her face. It was something that I couldn't fix, an integral part of the wedding day. I never wanted to see that happen again, to anyone.

As you can imagine in this industry, the trends are always changing. 15 years ago, it was un-heard of to get married outside of a church. Fast forward to today, 99% of our brides are getting married on site. Why not hire your commissioner through your venue? Simplicity. Convenience. Trust. 

I am also always up for a challenge. I have been planning weddings for so long, that I was looking for something different, in the same industry. When I advertised the commissioner services, I thought to myself, if I don't like doing this, I won't do it into 2017. Its been 6 months, I have done almost 30 weddings (ceremonies and legality paperwork signings) and to say I love doing it is a bit of an understatement. 

I think I have seen around 1500 wedding ceremonies. I lost count after a while, but after 16 years, with around 100 weddings per year, I am pretty sure it's around that number. I have seen all types of officiants.... I once saw a ceremony that the officiant had her back to the guests the entire time. Imagine those photos in your wedding album?

My advice when hiring a commissioner is to hire someone you feel comfortable with. A wedding ceremony is the biggest part of your wedding day, and quite possibly the most overwhelmingly exciting moment of your life. Choose someone you trust, you connect with, and you truly want to incorporate into the biggest day of your lives.

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Happy Planning!
-Tricia Bachewich