Looking for some inspiration on what to buy your bridesmaids and groomsmen as a wedding party gift for all of their help with your special day? Look no further than this great blog!

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First you need to decide if you want to purchase a practical gift, or a fun/memorable keep sake gift. You also need to decide your budget per person and stick to that amount. If you have a wedding party with 3 people, you will likely be spending more per person than if you had a wedding party with 14 people.

Above Photo Credit: Sugar and Soul Photography

Practical Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids:

1) Pay for a portion (or all) of their bridesmaids dress.
2) Pay for a portion (or all) of their wedding day hair or make up.
3) Take the girls out for a spa day, and treat them to a mani-pedi. They will probably be looking for a reason to do this before the wedding anyways!

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Practical Gifts for Groomsmen:

1) Pay for their suit rental (or a portion of it)
2) Treat the boys to a day at the barber- get their beards and mustaches trimmed, or get their hair cut. This is a great way to ensure that they will all be looking in tip-top shape prior to the wedding day!

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Fun Bridesmaids Ideas:

1) Matching shawls or scarfs if you are having a winter/fall wedding
2) Emergency kit clutches (include everything they may need for the wedding day- bandaids, bobby pins, lip stain)
3) Matching wine glasses or coffee cups (Consider writing "bride squad" on each one)

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Fun Groomsmen Gifts:

1) Cigars
2) Flasks with their favorite type of liquor
3) Jewelry (Watches, pocket watches)

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Not into gifts, but prefer gifting an experience? Consider taking your wedding party to a spa to spend time together and relax. If you are more of an outgoing crowd, consider Rumor's Comedy Club or a sporting event.

Above Photo Credit: Sugar and Soul Photography

No matter what you do on your wedding day, your wedding party is standing up next to you to support you. The gift is a bonus, they probably just enjoy spending the time with you as you become Mr and Mrs!

All the best planning your special days!
-Tricia Bachewich